Hello, we are PP ( Pinky Popular ), a political party of this town.
We're getting together here for an impotant invest in this town.
We want to change the town with the intention of became a SmartCity, but we need a few donations for make this change became true.
We'll explain what we spect to do and why, with what purpose.


Sensors: We want to put a sofisticate sensor of movement network in the public parkings. It sends a message with information to your smartphone.
In the message it will appear if there's an empty place and where it is.

Optic fiber: We want to increase the speed of the internet in Pallejà with the purpose of the customers will have a better, or satisfactory experiencie in the net.

Advertising of our business: Our idea is to use digital screens for do advertising of our partners and business. We want change the typical giant poster of paper, that it's difficult to change the paper. It can have information of the weather and traffic in the roads.

LEDs: The composition of lampposts in the night can be reduced if we change the typical light bulb to LEDs. These one can be standing aprox. 100000 hours, if they don't broke. And they reduce the luminous pollution.

Wifi Network: We want to do a free and accessible network placed in the most important buildings and in the zones that there is frequently circulate of people.


We want to became a model of SmartCity, because we think that the life in a SmartCity is quite better and more easy. It's an indication of progress and development.


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